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Cake Love creates unique and individually designed Couture Wedding Cakes that are both delicious and visually stunning.  Our goal is to create the Wedding Cake of your dreams.


Taking inspiration from your stationery, gown, flowers and themes of your beautiful wedding details, we can create that exquisite centrepiece that will entice your guests.  No matter if your wedding is for 50 or 350 guests, our aim is to create an unforgettable feature for your big day.

Our experience as award winning and exhibition cake artists, along with our attention to detail is what makes Cake Love one of Perth’s leading Wedding Cake suppliers.

How to Order

How to Order

First let’s make contact

Please use our contact form to let us know your Wedding Day details. This will let us check our availability, along with letting you know our initial design thoughts and provide you with a preliminary quote.


We often find that, with a little more discussion on-line, we can clarify the design ideas, and give you more accurate pricing.


When do we make contact?

As we are only able to create a limited number of Wedding Cakes in any week, to make sure you secure your date we suggest to our couples to make contact with us 6 to 9 months prior to your event date.  If you plan to get married on a long-weekend, or a major holiday (e.g. Easter, Christmas & New Year’s Eve) we suggest getting in to contact with us 12 months prior to your event.


Should you have a very short lead up to your Wedding Day, don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we do have any availability. 


Should we meet?

Sometimes we can’t go in to the specific details of your cake design on-line.  Then it’s useful to sit down face-to-face and finalise your designs.   Consultations are by appointment only, and are held if we have confirmed availability for your wedding date.


Can we taste?

Cake Love pays as much attention to the taste of our cakes, as we do to our designs.  Should you wish to taste our cakes we are more than happy to provide you with one of our yummy tasting boxes.  In these you will have 5 of our signature cake flavours and toppings for you to taste. 


If you have already confirmed and paid your deposit, our Tasting Boxes are complimentary. 


If you would just like to try our cakes, our tasting boxes are $15.  Please fill in our Contact Form requesting a Tasting Box.

I have another question?

If you have any other questions, you can find answers to some of these in our FAQ's below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes we do. Our Wedding Cake delivery & set-up costs are from $55 within 15km of the CBD and from $75 to the Swan Valley, Joondalup & surrounds.  This is for standard delivery & set-up if we need to arrange flowers or dessert elements on site there is an additional cost.


How much cake should we order?

You have the option of ordering either of two traditional wedding cake size portions.  The first is the traditional coffee serve and is 2.5cm x 2.5cm x height of the cake.  Perfect if you have had dessert served and are offering this with coffee. 

Should you wish your cake to be dessert we suggest our dessert serves, which are 2.5cm x 5cm x height of the cake. 

When discussing the number of serves we normally start with the number of guests attending your reception.  We then discuss how it will be served and whether you will actually need one serve per guest.

You will also need to consider whether you are keeping the top tier - often a traditional part of a wedding.


How much will our cake cost?

The final cost is dependent upon many factors, though overall it's the complexity of the design you have chosen.  As a general guide our 2-tiered cakes providing 50 coffee serves start from $355 and our 3-tiered cakes providing 110 coffee serves start from $655.


Can we have faux tiers on our cake?

You certainly can.  Often a venue just cries for a tall statement cake, though because of guest numbers, or a large meal being served, an all real cake would just be a waste.   So to create the tall statement cake,   though not have left over cake, we can incorporate faux tiers in to the design.

It should be noted that faux tiers may not create a huge saving to the overall design.  The faux tier still receives all the love and attention real tiers receive in their decorating - it's just they don't have a real cake inside.  Though you can rest assured your guests won't know what's real or faux. 

We have an image of a cake we would like you to make?

It is our policy not to copy other Cake Artists work, though we are more than happy to discuss with you elements of the design that you like to help design your own couture wedding cake. 

Can we use fresh flowers on our cake?

Fresh flowers are definitely a very popular trend at the moment, and can provide a fresh finishing touch to your cake.  In discussing your design, we will discuss the flowers you would like to use and whether they are food safe or not.  Many popular flowers seen on wedding cakes are in fact toxic and should never come in to contact with food items. 

We will also discuss who will arrange the flowers on your cake.  We have worked with many florist whom we are confident in their handling of their blooms to ensure they are food safe.  If we are in doubt we will arrange the flowers on your cake. 

Do you provide customised figurines?

We can create customised figurines for the top of your cake. What we ask for are pictures of the wedding attire you will be wearing on the day, along with the way your hair will be worn to create figurines that look very similar to the happy couple.


We can also accommodate specific requests.  For previous clients we have included figurines of their children, fur babies, or created specific character figurines.   

We don't want cake, what else can we do?

As you will see in our gallery, we make a wide range of dessert elements that you can have instead of a wedding cake.   Our most popular is a Macaron Tower.  Please contact us for the range of items we can provide.

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